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Super Recogniser Short Film


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The Super Recogniser is a twist-filled, sci-fi short film brought to you by award-winning director Jennifer Sheridan and starring Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones, Adulthood).

In the underbelly of London lies a secret government initiative and the department of 'Super Recognition'. Jacob (26) is a normal guy with a very special talent - 90% facial recollection. Overseen and over-worked by his supervisor Agent Williams; Jacob must seek out terrorists and escaped criminals using the hundreds of CCTV cameras that observe our city.

Events take a turn when he spots himself on the monitors and feels a physical connection to his on-screen doppelganger. This 'other' self has a warning for him, but can he work it out before the IT guy fixes the glitch and Jacob loses the connection.


(no really they are)

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We want YOU to be a part of this film, you will even get the opportunity to be IN the film. We need actors, extras and even just your photo to use as mugshots on the screens. You can also contribute in other ways - rewards will include:

  • Exclusive artwork
  • Game of Thrones' goodies (signed by Jacob)
  • One-to-one lunch with the director for advice on how to get ahead in the industry.

So sign up now, to stay in the loop and have the chance to be a part of the incredible creative force that is this film!

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