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Super Recogniser Short Film

Get Recognised

Like the sound of The Super Recogniser?
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How to take your mug shot and be in the film


Please don’t dress up or wear too much make-up. Remember - You’ve been on the run from the law or living in an underground bunker somewhere. You probably smell reeeEally bad! Also, plain coloured clothing with no logos/ brands.. for legal reasons.

Step 1


Find as plain a background as possible and ask someone else to take the photo for you (no selfies please!). Criminals. Don’t. Take. Selfies! Unless they are very stupid! Like this guy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Step 2


Please don’t smile or pull a silly face.

Remember - You are a criminal mastermind who has just been arrested, you would feel annoyed/ surly/ ashamed/ cocky (think hungover version of your passport picture and you're probably there!)

Step 3


Do this with your hands.

I know it might feel silly but by the power of Photoshop we will add a placard with your name and a date on it. Also, please give us a side view option. We will post the final image to Instagram (unless you ask that we don't) with the hashtag #MySuperRecogniserMugShot In the end, it should look like this > tadaaaaaa!

Step 4b
Step 4a

Need some inspiration?

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CCTV cameraI see you...